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Today is the last day to order a Playdate before its $20 price increase

Today is the last day to order a Playdate before its $20 price increase


Panic is cranking up the price to $199 tomorrow, but you can still preorder one now for $179.

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A photo of the Playdate.
Frankly, price increases make me a little cranky.
Image: Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Time is running out on preordering a Playdate with better pricing. Beginning tomorrow, Panic’s little yellow handheld will cost $199. The company announced last month that a price jump was coming on April 7th due to increased manufacturing costs, so now is your last chance to place a preorder for the current $179 price. This is actually the second price increase on the crank-equipped portable, as it initially went up from $149 to $179 before its initial launch.

A preordered Playdate must be paid in full, with an estimated shipping date currently listed as late 2023 — though, you can cancel any time before it ships and get a full refund should you change your mind. The Playdate includes a season of 24 games with the purchase, and more quirky games are available on its Catalog storefront ranging from free to $15.

A photo of the Playdate.

Panic’s Playdate is an adorable yellow handheld with a monochromatic screen, unique crank input, and a trove of indie games released in seasons.

While the Playdate may seem a little pricey for a limited selection of games, you can sideload more compatible indie titles through, and when the handheld goes to sleep, it displays a clock on its 400 x 240 1-bit black-and-white display. It’s as much a small art piece and love letter to eccentric gaming handhelds as it is a great showcase for some excellent bite-size indies.

Just look at the kind of gems you can crank it to:

GIF from Grand Tour Legends featuring a bicyclist competing in a race with a very distracting bouncing butt.
Stupid, sexy Playdate.
Image: Iorama