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Discord is launching an in-app soundboard

Discord is launching an in-app soundboard


The feature will let you play sounds in voice channels to add some fun or just troll a friend.

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Illustration of Discord logo
Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

Discord is officially introducing its own in-app soundboard that you can use in voice channels. With the soundboard, you’ll be able to play all sorts of sounds in voice channels to have some fun or troll a friend. The feature was previously an experiment available to a limited amount of communities, but it will now be rolling out over “the coming weeks,” according to a Discord blog post.

There is a catch, though: you’ll only be able to actually make sounds with Discord’s soundboard on the desktop app. If you’re on mobile, you’ll hear the sounds but can’t use the board yourself, Kellyn Slone, director of product communications, tells The Verge. That said, any official Discord soundboard is still an improvement, as you’ve previously had to rely on third-party software like Voicemod if you wanted to use a soundboard with the app.

A screenshot showing Discord’s soundboard.
Here’s what a Discord soundboard looks like.
Image: Discord

Fortunately, if you don’t want to hear sounds from Discord soundboards, you can turn their volume all the way down in settings, according to a Discord support document. And if you want to limit who can use a soundboard in your server, you’re able to set those permissions.

Nitro subscribers will get an added benefit with their soundboards: they’ll be able to use their uploaded sounds across different servers. And that’s just one of a few new benefits coming to Nitro subscribers, including additional themes and special decorations for your avatar. Nitro subs are also getting new “Super Reactions” you can use on the desktop app that add some animated flair to an emoji reaction, and at launch, all Discord desktop users will get two Super Reactions to test the feature.

Correction April 6th, 11:59AM ET: Discord originally provided a different spelling of its director of product communications’ name. It is Kellyn Slone, not Kellyn Sloane.