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Windows 11 users can now link their iPhones and use iMessage from a PC

Windows 11 users can now link their iPhones and use iMessage from a PC


Microsoft’s updated Phone Link app gets iOS support.

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Illustration of an iPhone being linked to a Windows PC with Microsoft’s new Phone Link app
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft promised to make its Phone Link app available for iPhone users (so you can use iMessage from a PC) by mid-May, and it’s May 15th now, so the company is delivering on that promise today. Phone Link now allows iPhone owners to connect to a Windows 11 PC and send and receive messages via iMessage, make and receive calls, and see any phone app notifications on a PC or laptop.

The Phone Link app update is now available in 85 countries and will work with an iPhone over Bluetooth for calls, messages, and notifications. Microsoft is able to send messages via iMessage on Phone Link by intercepting incoming ones over Bluetooth and sending them by taking advantage of how Apple forces you to send text messages to other iPhone users.

It’s a clever workaround that means you’ll be able to send and receive messages freely while Phone Link is open, but you won’t be able to see a full chat history or participate in group iMessage conversations. The rest of Phone Link is rather basic compared to the Android integration. You can make and receive calls, see phone call history, and even view and dismiss phone notifications. But you can’t run phone apps on your PC like you can with Android devices, and there’s no photos integration here.

The latest Phone Link app update should be available automatically, but if you don’t see the new iPhone option during setup, head over to the Microsoft Store app in Windows 11 to make sure you have the latest updates. Check out our full hands-on to see how it all works.