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Pocket is getting a redesigned iOS app

Pocket is getting a redesigned iOS app


If you’re familiar with Pocket’s recent Android redesign, the new look should feel familiar.

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A person holding an iPhone and sitting in front of a MacBook Pro.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Reader app Pocket is launching a redesigned version of its iOS app, Pocket owner Mozilla announced on Tuesday. The revamped app has a focus on a new Home tab that’s designed to be a “starting off point for visiting everything in Pocket, from your saved content to the articles we think you’ll love,” according to a blog post.

You can get an idea of how the Home tab works in this GIF from Pocket, where you can see sections like “recent saves,” “editors’ picks,” and stories you can read in 10 minutes or less. If you don’t want to read the suggested article right when you see it, there’s a save button you can press to add it to your list of saved content. (If you’re familiar with Pocket’s recent Android redesign, the iOS redesign will look pretty familiar.)

A GIF showing Pocket’s new iOS app design.
GIF: Pocket

Pocket is also introducing a new feature called Pocket Lists, which lets you make private lists collecting saved articles, videos, and websites in one place. I could see how the Lists feature might be helpful for research projects or if you just find yourself down a rabbit hole of a brand-new hobby.

Here’s a GIF of what the lists look like:

A GIF showing Pocket’s new Lists feature on the web.
GIF: Pocket

Lists launch first on the web for users in the US, and later this year, you’ll be able to publish and share your lists. The feature will be available globally this summer and is set to come to mobile in the future.