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Epic’s Mega sale is back along with a new rewards program

Epic’s Mega sale is back along with a new rewards program


With Epic Rewards, you’ll get 5 percent back on eligible purchases.

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A screenshot of Sam Porter Bridges from Death Stranding.
Death Stranding is the first of four free games being offered.
Image: Kojima Productions

Epic Games is kicking off its annual Mega sale on Thursday, offering discounts of up to 75 percent on some games. Like other Epic sales, you’ll also be able to use the special Epic Coupons to get 25 percent off purchases that total $14.99 or more, which could lead to some screaming deals. The sale runs until June 15th.

Alongside the sale, the company is introducing a new Epic Rewards program that gives you 5 percent back on eligible purchases in the store. If you have an Epic Games account, you’re already enrolled, so when you buy something on the Epic Games Store, you’ll get 5 percent of the cost added to the rewards balance on your account two weeks after that purchase. Note that your rewards will eventually expire — but not until 25 months after they hit your rewards balance, so you’ll have a while to use them.

As part of the sale, you’ll be able to claim Death Stranding for free. You’ll be able to snag it starting Thursday until May 25th at 11AM ET. Note that this is the original game and not the improved Death Stranding Director’s Cut, but you can get that upgrade for 50 percent off while the sale is going on.