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Netflix’s Skull Island is a Titan-filled terror in first series trailer

Netflix’s Skull Island is a Titan-filled terror in first series trailer


King Kong’s just one of the Titans wreaking havoc on Skull Island in the first trailer for Netflix’s animated Skull Island series.

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Netflix has been so quiet about its upcoming Skull Island animated show set in Legendary’s MonsterVerse that it’s been easy to forget since it was first announced two years ago. While it hasn’t been all that clear in the past when the Powerhouse Animation-produced series was meant to debut, it turns out that your next trip to Skull Island’s coming much sooner than you might think.

From executive producers Brian Duffield and Jacob Robinson, Skull Island chronicles the adventures of a group of shipwrecked researchers who wash ashore on a remote island paradise, only to discover that it’s teeming with gargantuan, seemingly impossible monsters. Rather than introducing any of Skull Island’s human characters like Annie (Mae Whitman), Charlie (Nicolas Cantu), or Irene (Betty Gilpin), the new trailer really focuses on detailing how, as animalistic as all of Skull Island’s Titans are, they’re also cunning enough to understand how to keep their unwelcome visitors stranded and ripe for the picking.

There don’t appear to be any blondes running around on the island, and Godzilla doesn’t seem to be all that involved here. But King Kong does make an appearance and seems to take a particular interest in one female character, which might point to the series returning to the idea of Kong being as fascinated by human women as he is enraged by other Titans when Netflix’s Skull Island premieres on June 22nd.