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YouTube will let you watch unlimited NFL Sunday Ticket streams, but only at home

YouTube will let you watch unlimited NFL Sunday Ticket streams, but only at home


That’s up from the previous limit of just two simultaneous streams for NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers.

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

YouTube on Thursday announced a big upgrade to its NFL Sunday Ticket offering: if you’re at home, you’ll now be able to watch unlimited simultaneous streams of NFL Sunday Ticket content across both YouTube and YouTube TV, according to a tweet.

Previously, YouTube was going to limit NFL Sunday Ticket content to two screens maximum, as detailed in a support article. This change could mean that some houses will be watching a lot more football when the regular season rolls around in September — especially if they take advantage of YouTube TV’s new multiview feature, which is set to be available with NFL Sunday Ticket. If you’re not at home, the two-stream limit will still be in place, YouTube wrote in a follow-up tweet.

YouTube landed NFL Sunday Ticket in December, ending a monthslong process to determine where the broadcasting package would end up after DirecTV. Apple had long been rumored to be the new home for the package, but YouTube ended up getting it instead. YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket plans currently start at $249, but that’s a promotional price; the plans will get more expensive once the promotional pricing goes away after June 6th.

If you’re a business, DirecTV will still be selling NFL Sunday Ticket, which might come as a relief to sports bar owners who didn’t want to sign up for YouTube TV.