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One of the fun things about sitting on 11 boards is you can make 11 companies carry out your pet project.

Are you a good board member who’s really focused on what’s best for any individual company, though? Anyway here’s Reid Hoffman, who’s driving the AI hype:

Few are as intertwined in so many facets of the fast-moving industry as Mr. Hoffman. The 55-year-old sits on the boards of 11 tech companies including Microsoft, which has gone all in on A.I., and eight nonprofits. His venture capital firm, Greylock Partners, has backed at least 37 A.I. companies. He was among the first investors in OpenAI, the most prominent A.I. start-up, and recently left its board. He also helped found Inflection AI, an A.I. chatbot start-up that has raised at least $225 million.

Hoffman has his own AI company now. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.