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Former CD Projekt Red devs found new studio, Blank.

Former CD Projekt Red devs found new studio, Blank.


I guess they wanted a clean slate.

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Key art from Blank’s new, as yet unnamed game featuring a woman with a tattoo smiling as she drives a car through what looks to be a desert.
Image: Blank.

A group of former CD Projekt Red developers have formed their own studio, Blank..

No, that’s not me accidentally adding an extra period. The studio’s name is just that — Blank., period included. I don’t know whether to be incensed because of the syntactical headache this will inevitably cause or amused by the name’s novelty. But to save my sanity, yours, and that of our copy editors, we will henceforth drop the extra punctuation.

The official logo for Blank. the new studio from former CD Projeckt Red developers featuring the word “Blank” with a period
See, I’m not making it up.

“We’re thrilled to announce Blank and to start expanding our incredible team,” said Mateusz Kanik, who worked for the Cyberpunk 2077 developer for 15 years before co-founding Blank.

Blank is one of a number of studios born from former CD Projekt Red developers in the last couple of years. In 2022, Rebel Wolves was founded and is working on a “AAA dark fantasy RPG.” That same year, Dark Passenger was also formed, with its team working on an online multiplayer co-op game set in feudal Japan.

In what is perhaps a nod to their studio’s unique name, Blank’s founders stated in the press release announcing the company that it’s “committed to bringing beautifully crafted games and unique experiences to players, favoring novel territory rather than well-trodden ground.”

That sentiment is also expressed in the description of their as-yet-unnamed new project.

“Currently, we are working on a character driven story from an apocalypse — with a twist or two,” read Blank’s website. “We’ve had our share of creating huge, super complicated games with open worlds. That’s why we focus on simpler goals — uniqueness, emotions, quality, and refinement.”

So don’t expect something like The Witcher to come out of Blank.