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The Google Home app is finally getting garage door controls

The Google Home app is finally getting garage door controls


The feature is currently being tested, but at least we know it’s coming.

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Google logo and black swirls
There’s currently no release date, but garage door controls are available to try in the Google Home public preview.
Illustration: The Verge

Controls for smart garage doors are coming to the Google Home app. The feature has already started to roll out to some users, with one Reddit user (spotted by 9to5Google) posting an image of the large pill-shaped open / close toggle controls that have silently appeared on the app.

A screenshot of the new garage door control toggle in the Google Home app preview.
The design mirrors Google Home’s usual pill-shaped toggle.
Image: u/MickotheNestPro

We should note that this feature has only landed on the preview Google Home app so far and doesn’t have an official release yet. Google is currently in the process of overhauling its Home app to prepare for Matter and has been testing the updated version since October last year. Given Google’s I/O event is just around the corner, we might get some additional details about this feature (and other Google Home app updates) soon.

9to5Google has managed to confirm the preview controls currently work with garage door systems from Tailwind and Nexx, but otherwise, there’s no list of supported products just yet. We’ve contacted Google for further information and will update this story should we hear back.

Garage door systems have been displayed in the Google Home app for a while now, but the feature didn’t support in-app controls. Instead, users were forced to use Google Assistant to control garage doors with voice commands (which typically request a PIN for additional security). You’ll have to request an invite to the new Google Home preview if you want to try out the new in-app toggle for yourself. There are also some frustrating third-party solutions to force limited garage door controls onto the Google Home app if you’re impatient though.