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Here’s a first look at the new Fable

Here’s a first look at the new Fable


Fight monsters, become a hero, and take down gardening giants

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Screenshot from Fable trailer featuring a giant with brown skin and glasses standing eye-to-eye with a human female adventurere
Xbox / Playground Games

The latest Fable game finally has a real trailer, sorta.

The trailer featured a tongue-in-cheek interview with a guy who simply wants to grow his vegetables in a fantastical world before it’s revealed that he’s actually the giant from the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale. He talks of a fantasy world filled with heroes and monsters before he’s interrupted by an adventurer he has to smash. The trailer didn’t really show off any gameplay, but it did note that everything we saw was in-game footage so it looks pretty slick.

It’s been 13 years since Fable III, the last mainline entry in the Fable series, was released on the, pained, sharp inhale of a person recognizing the slow yet ruinous march of time Xbox 360.

Though the game should ostensibly be Fable 4, the developers at Playground Games have opted for calling it simply Fable which hopefully won’t cause confusion with the game’s 2004 installment. Back then, Fable’s development was led by Peter Molyneux and Lionshead Studios. In 2006, Microsoft acquired the studio, Molyneux left in 2016 (and is now making NFT games), and the studio shuttered in 2016. We haven’t had a Fable game since then unless you include the ho-hum collectible card game, Fable Fortunes which was released in 2017. Fable 2023 should hopefully be a return to form, featuring fantastical creatures, a good / evil morality system, and, my favorite, the opportunity to forgo the first two features to just be a humble landlord.

Fable will be available on Game Pass day and date but we don’t yet know when that is.