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Streamlabs helps streamers jump into podcasting with new Podcast Editor

Streamlabs helps streamers jump into podcasting with new Podcast Editor


The tool allows users to edit, resize, and caption video clips to publish to platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

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A mock-up of YouTube creators Rhett and Link using Streamlabs’ new Podcast Editor to transcribe and edit clips
The Podcast Editor allows streamers to convert snippets of podcasts or talk shows to publish to other platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
Image: Streamlabs / Logitech

Streamlabs, a company best known for its streaming platform for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, has released a new editing tool for content creators that livestream their podcasts and talk shows. Announced today by Streamlabs’ parent company Logitech, the new Podcast Editor includes AI-assisted tools like text-based editing and automatic transcript generation to help streamers record and edit their audio and video.

The Streamlabs Podcast Editor provides resizing tools to quickly reformat content for other platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Creators can customize their video clips by adding images and subtitles. The editor additionally provides AI-assisted tools to find clips worth highlighting within recorded footage, cut unnecessary pauses to reduce video length, and even remove filler words like “ums” and “oohs.” Ashray Urs, Streamlabs’ Head of Product has also confirmed to The Verge that a real-time translation feature is available that should support 30 languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

The Podcast Editor is included in the $19 monthly Streamlabs Ultra software package subscription

The new Podcast Editor will be available as part of the Streamlabs Ultra subscription — a $19 monthly (or $149 per-year) all-in-one subscription for Streamlabs creator applications like Streamlabs Console and Video Editor Pro. A restricted version of the tool that allows users to edit up to one hour of content each month will also be available for free to all Streamlabs Starter users.

Today’s announcement is designed to make Streamlabs stand out against similar, rival streaming products like OBS Studio, and help streamers diversify their content and publish to multiple platforms. Established content creators tell folks who have just started broadcasting to avoid placing all of their content creation eggs into a singular, metaphorical platform basket — publishing elsewhere can entice viewers to your main Twitch or YouTube channel and provides a safety net in the event that services you publish to are shut down

“If you’re not posting to other platforms, you’re shooting yourself in the foot,” said popular Twitch streamer QTCinderella, echoing this sentiment in the press release. “Don’t miss out on potential growth by limiting yourself to just one platform.”

Twitch’s Just Chatting livestream category was watched for over 826 million hours in Q1 2023

Streamlabs highlights the growing popularity of podcasting within its announcement. The company highlighted that Just Chatting — a Twitch category where creators interact with their audiences — has become the platform’s most popular category, with over 826 million hours watched in Q1 2023. A study from Demand Sage also reports that over 460 million people worldwide are listening to podcasts in 2023, up from 424 million listeners in 2022. 

It’s understandable that Streamlabs and Logitech would want to get more involved in such a growing market, though it’s not a guaranteed golden ticket. Facebook shut down its own podcasting app less than a year after it launched. Meanwhile, Spotify, which claims to be the biggest podcast publisher in the US, recently announced a wave of layoffs within its podcasting division.

Update June 15th, 8.29AM ET: Updated to confirm that the Podcast Editor’s real-time translation feature should support 30 languages.