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Just drop a pin to get Domino’s pizza delivered to wherever you are

Just drop a pin to get Domino’s pizza delivered to wherever you are


Domino’s will now deliver to wherever you drop your pin in Google Maps, so you can order pizza while at the beach, park, pool, or even from your campsite.

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A hand holding a smartphone opened to the Domino’s app, with the “Pinpoint Delivery” ordering page visible.
Image: Domino’s

Domino’s can deliver your pizza directly to you — instead of to a specific address — while you lounge by the beach or picnic at the park this summer. That’s with the new Pinpoint Delivery feature, as first reported by Business Insider, which lets drivers deliver to locations without addresses at no extra cost to the customer.

As a result, all you need to do is simply drop a pin of your location in Google Maps from within Domino’s mobile app to receive your order. From there, you’ll be able to track drivers’ GPS locations, check wait times, and receive text updates about your order.

Sadly, though, you can’t get your pizza delivered straight to your beach chair. That’s because you’ll have to meet your driver wherever the app deems the best pickup spot for them to pull over their vehicle. There are some other caveats, too. You’ll only have four minutes to meet your driver — so good luck getting your pizza in time if your hiking trail or campsite isn’t close to a street. Plus, the drop-off spot must be within a store’s delivery zone.

Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery feature in the Domino’s mobile app
All you need to do is drop a pin in Google Maps from within Domino’s mobile app to get pizza delivered.
Image: Domino’s

The new “Pinpoint Delivery” option builds on Domino’s Hotspots feature. Launched in 2018, the feature allowed Domino’s to deliver to outdoor areas like stadiums but still required the address of a nearby “Domino’s Hotspot” outdoor pizza delivery location.

Pinpoint Delivery is yet another one of Domino’s stunt-y delivery tweaks at bolstering its delivery business. They fall somewhere between useful and pure gimmicks, ranging from being able to order pizza via pizza emoji tweets to pizza delivery cars with their own ovens.

Most recently, in April, Domino’s announced support for Apple CarPlay, which allows drivers to now easily order pizza by clicking on the Domino’s app on their car’s infotainment screen.

“Where we’ve actually lost a lot of traction on the delivery business is the frequency of transactions,” Dominino’s chief financial officer, Sandeep Reddy, said at the Oppenheimer Consumer Growth & E-Commerce Conference last week. “The delivery customer tends to be very interested in convenience, not as much value-oriented.”

As pandemic restrictions ease, Domino’s isn’t the only restaurant watching delivery orders decline, however. According to market research firm Circana, restaurant delivery orders dropped 8 percent compared to May 2022.