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The Verge
Decentralized Twitter alternative Bluesky has published a moderation manifesto.

A Friday blog post details the Bluesky team's moderation proposals for “a shared public commons,” using things like lists, hashtags, and even “per-thread” tools that would give moderation power to each poster.

The latter treats threads like a mini-forum: if you don’t like a reply, you can yeet that skeet (or just hide it). The post acknowledges why this might be problematic:

If a thread contains misinformation, then giving reply controls to the author means they might use it to suppress corrections from other users. Our hypothesis... is that giving users more tools to protect themselves from harassment is worth some downsides like not always having the record corrected in the replies.

Along with algorithms, hands-off moderation fits right into Jack Dorsey’s original concept for decentralized social media.