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1 million PlayStation gamers play nothing but Call of Duty.

That’s according to Sony gaming boss Jim Ryan, whose redacted letter to the FTC wasn’t redacted all that well...

Here’s what my elf eyes see in the text:

In 2021, over [14?] million users (by device) spent 30 percent or more of their time playing Call of Duty, over 6 million users spent more than 70% of their time on Call of Duty, and about 1 million users spent 100% of their gaming time on Call of Duty. In 2021, Call of Duty players spent an average of [116?] hours per year playing Call of Duty. Call of Duty players spending more than 70 percent of their time on Call of Duty spent an average of 296 hours on the franchise.

So yeah, Sony certainly would miss out on some some console/subscription sales if CoD someday becomes Xbox exclusive.