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The DJI Air 3 could come with a dual-camera system

The DJI Air 3 could come with a dual-camera system


And a bigger battery.

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Leaked DJI Air 3 image
Image: Roland Quandt via WinFuture

The rumored DJI Air 3 might feature an upgraded camera system. In a set of images provided to WinFuture by leaker Roland Quandt, you can see two camera sensors on the gimble mounted to the front of the device.

That could offer an improvement over the single half-inch sensor on the DJI Air 2 and the sole one-inch camera on the Air 2S, both of which can shoot 4K videos up to 60FPS. The addition of a dual camera system could bring the DJI Air 3 more in line with the high-end Mavic 3. While the Mavic 3 similarly sports two camera sensors — one main camera and one telephoto lens — it doesn’t look like its Hasselblad branding will carry over to the DJI Air 3.


Image: Roland Quandt via WinFuture

The leaked images also suggest that the DJI Air 3 could come with a 4,242mAh battery that’s about 30 percent larger than the 3,500mAh battery in the DJI Air 2S, which currently offers around 31 minutes of flight time. There appears to be a new DJI RC-N2 controller as well, and it looks pretty similar to the DJI RC controller released last May, featuring two thumbsticks above a large display.

Aside from these images and specs, details about the DJI Air 3 are slim. But according to an Amazon listing spotted by WinFuture, the device could cost £962 (~$1,213 USD) with the RC-N2 controller. There are two Fly More bundles as well, which come with extra batteries and other accessories, for £1,199 (~$1,512 USD) with DJI’s old RC-2 controller or £1,379 (~$1,739 USD) with the new RC-N2 controller.

You can check out the full set of leaked images from WinFuture’s website.

Update June 29th, 1:18PM ET: Updated to add information about the DJI Air 2S.