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Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s new $3,499 AR headset

Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s new $3,499 AR headset


After years of delays, Apple is taking its first shot at AR glasses.

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Apple has announced an augmented reality headset called Apple Vision Pro that “seamlessly” blends the real and digital world. “It’s the first Apple product you look through, and not at,” CEO Tim Cook said of the device, which looks like a pair of ski goggles. As rumored, it features a separate battery pack and is controlled with eyes, hands, and voice. It will start at $3,499 and launch early next year, starting in the US market with more countries coming later in the year.

Vision Pro is positioned as primarily an AR device, but it can switch between augmented and full virtual reality using a dial.

The device is controller-free, and you browse rows of app icons in an operating system called visionOS by looking at them. You can tap to select and flick to scroll, you can also give voice commands, and Apple says “hundreds of thousands of familiar iPhone and iPad apps” will automatically work that way. On top of that, the headset supports Bluetooth accessories, including Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, and lets you connect your Mac to use inside the headset. Downward-facing cameras can capture your hands even if they’re resting low on your body.

You can see these, as well as loads of other details, in our 180-plus image gallery below: