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This cute retro handheld comes in Capcom and Taito flavors

This cute retro handheld comes in Capcom and Taito flavors


The Super Pocket comes from the same team behind the Evercade, and it launches in October for $59.

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The team behind the Evercade line of retro hardware is back with a cute new handheld. It’s called the Super Pocket, and it is downright tiny — it measures in at 78mm x 125mm x 25mm — and relatively cheap. It’ll cost you £49, $59, or €59 depending on region.

At launch, the Super Pocket comes in two varieties. There’s a Capcom version with 12 built-in games (including Street Fighter II’ Turbo: Hyper Fighting, Final Fight, 1942, and Mega Man) and a Taito version with 17 games included (like Space Invaders, Elevator Action, and Bubble Bobble). Equally as important, each version has its own color scheme.

The Super Pocket handheld.
The Super Pocket handheld.
The Super Pocket Capcom edition versus the Taito version.
Image: Blaze Entertainment and Image: Blaze Entertainment

Outside of the built-in games, each handheld also has a cartridge slot that supports the same game carts from the Evercade handheld and home console, which cover a pretty broad array of gaming history.

As for the rest of the specs, the Super Pocket includes: start, select, and menu buttons; four face and four rear buttons; a D-pad; a 320 x 280 IPS screen; a headphone jack; and it charges via USB-C. It also has a built-in easy mode to lower the difficulty of the included games if you get stuck.

Preorders start on July 14th, and units are expected to ship in October.

The Super Pocket comes at a surprisingly busy time for dedicated gaming handhelds, going up against the likes of the Playdate, Analogue Pocket, and even Nintendo’s little Game & Watch revival.