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Leviton updates some smart switches with Matter

Leviton updates some smart switches with Matter


Four Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen products — including the first Matter plug-in dimmer — are getting Matter today. That’s good!

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Press photo of four Leviton smart devices — paddle-style dimmer and smart switch, a three-prong plug-in smart switch, and a two-prong plug-in dimmer — with the Leviton logo in top right and Matter logo and wordmark center bottom.
Four Leviton Wi-Fi products from the Decora Smart line are getting Matter today. They look... refreshingly nondescript!
Image: Leviton

Leviton has added Matter support to four of its Decora smart lighting products: a switch, a dimmer, a smart plug, and a plug-in dimmer. All are from the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen product line; the company says more devices from that line will get Matter support in the future.

Here are the specific products that now work with Matter:

Both the in-wall switch and dimmer require neutral wires but support single-pole or three-way installation. Leviton’s no-neutral switches and dimmers aren’t included in this wave of upgrades.

The D23LP does seem to be the first dimmable Matter smart plug

These aren’t the first or the cheapest Matter switches, dimmers, or smart plugs; TP-Link’s Tapo switches and dimmers are less expensive, and there are a handful of Matter smart plugs available from TP-Link, Eve, and Meross. But the D23LP does seem to be the first dimmable Matter smart plug, which is neat.

Leviton’s Decora Smart Wi-Fi products are ubiquitous in hardware stores, and it’s great to see Leviton bringing new features to existing stuff — and, frankly, to see smart dimmers that aren’t kinda ugly. More of this, please.

All four devices already worked with the major smart home platforms — Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home, and Samsung SmartThings — via a cloud integration with My Leviton, but the update means they can now be controlled locally by a Matter controller, which should mean faster response times and better reliability.

Matter supports a relatively limited set of commands for smart lighting; Leviton’s press release says that “All customers can continue to enjoy using the My Leviton app, which offers a wide range of features and customization — from tuning the lighting control performance of bulbs and fixtures with fade rates, preset light levels and minimum/maximum dim/bright adjustments, to night settings, away mode, custom dashboards and more.”

Leviton’s Matter support page notes that Apple Home users upgrading to Matter will have to unenroll their devices from HomeKit and re-enroll using Matter.