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ChatGPT for Android launches next week

ChatGPT for Android launches next week


OpenAI is releasing the Android version of the app for ChatGPT next week after launching on iOS in May.

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ChatGPT logo in minty green and black colors.
Illustration: The Verge

Since launching in November, OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool has reached a number of users at a rate that’s astounding for anything outside of Threads — now the company says it’s ready to release an app for Android.

The ChatGPT for Android app is launching a few months after the free iOS app brought the chatbot to iPhones and iPads.

In a tweet, the company announced ChatGPT for Android is rolling out next week without listing a specific day and linked to a preorder page in the Google Play Store where you can register to get it installed once the app is available.

When ChatGPT’s iOS app launched in May, the company said it would release an Android version “soon,” and here it is.

Google’s Bard chatbot doesn’t have dedicated mobile apps to use instead of its web-based interface, but if you can’t wait a few days to access ChatGPT with an app, Microsoft’s Bing app has been available on Android and iOS apps since February, using its Prometheus Model and GPT-4.

The app is also arriving after Sensor Tower and Similarweb data showed drops in web traffic and app installations for June. And over the last few days, some users have openly complained about GPT-4 becoming “slower and dumber.” OpenAI responded to the latter claim this week by saying it’s continuing to update the APIs.