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SDCC 2023: all the biggest trailers and updates

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San Diego Comic-Con took place from July 20th to July 23rd this year, and despite the ongoing writer and actor strikes in Hollywood and the resulting dearth of big movie studio presence, there were still some noteworthy announcements.

The Eli Roth-directed Borderlands movie, announced in 2015, finally got a release date and is scheduled to hit theaters in August next year. New trailers showed off video from Netflix’s live-action One Piece show and season two of Invincible on Amazon Prime Video (along with a full episode featuring Atom Eve).

More than 20 minutes of footage from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem film was shown that included the turtles... watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

We also got a good look at the new open-world Star Wars Outlaws and learned about an “interactive” Borderlands series called Borderlands EchoVision Live, in which audiences get to decide the path the story takes.

Follow along for all of the updates and news from the show.

  • Lazarus, Shinichirō Watanabe’s new Adult Swim series, looks wavy as hell.

    Shinichirō Watanabe’s new Adult Swim series Lazarus sounds like a glimpse into a sort of hellish future where the very same drugs that save people’s lives are responsible for killing them days later.

    That may be the case, but judging from the short trailer Adult Swim debuted at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Lazarus is also going to have some pretty chill vibes and stunning action.

  • Wes Davis

    Jul 23

    Wes Davis

    SDCC 2023: Here’s some new footage from the open-world Star Wars Outlaws.

    At San Diego Comic-Con today, Ubisoft showed a behind-the-scenes video from Massive Entertainment’s new open-world Star Wars Outlaws. There’s good stuff: concept art, new game footage, and some details about their sources of inspiration.

    The video showed new environments along with a couple other surprises I won’t spoil before you watch the video.

    I should... warn my partner this game is coming.

  • Wes Davis

    Jul 22

    Wes Davis

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is getting a musical episode

    I can’t wait to see the justification for this.

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds had a pair of surprise announcements at San Diego Comic-Con today. First, the show is stepping out of its weekly release schedule with a new episode tonight — a crossover with Star Trek: Lower Decks will debut on Paramount Plus in a few minutes, at 7PM ET, Deadline reports. And that’s not all — the series is also getting a musical episode in early August called “Subspace Rhapsody.”

    Deadline points out that this is the first musical episode in Star Trek history, and the publication isn’t wrong, but the franchise has boldly gone there before... sort of. There was a Deep Space Nine episode, called “Chrysalis,” where a group of eccentric, genetically-engineered people break out into an a capella song after one of them has an operation to restore her speaking voice.

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  • Wes Davis

    Jul 22

    Wes Davis

    SDCC 2023: Norman Reedus fights zombies in France in the trailer for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

    AMC debuted a trailer for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon during the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday (via Deadline).

    In it, we see Dixon find out he’s to transport a young child across the dead-ridden wastes of France to save the world, which sounds awfully familiar. But whatever, I’m always down for more Norman Reedus.

  • Wes Davis

    Jul 22

    Wes Davis

    SDCC 2023: three-part John Wick prequel series The Continental will debut September 22nd.

    Peacock announced the date at San Diego Comic-Con and on Twitter yesterday. Its John Wick prequel series follows Colin Woodell as a young Winston Scott battling through 1970’s New York City. Expect plenty of guns and fighting, as usual.

    The Continental will air on September 22nd, followed by the second episode on September 29th, and closing with the final chapter on October 6th .

  • SDCC 2023: Invincible’s Atom Eve has her own episode, and you can watch it today on Amazon.

    Along with the Invincible S2 release date, details, and trailer, Prime Video announced a special episode for Atom Eve, one of the other characters on the show.

    While you’ll have to wait until November 3rd for the Invincible premiere, the Atom Eve episode is available right now for streaming; check out the trailer below.

  • SDCC 2023: Netflix’s One Piece live-action series has a new trailer too.

    This isn’t our first look at One Piece, but it’s a longer one this time, clocking in at about three minutes. Netflix’s Tudum site has more details on the production, but for now, you can just press play and wait for the premiere of the eight-episode series on August 31st.

  • SDCC 2023: Say hello to season two of Invincible before it debuts on November 3rd.

    Amazon Prime Video’s animated superhero series just dropped a teaser trailer for season two at San Diego Comic-Con, and you can watch it right here. When it starts streaming, Prime Video will release the first eight episodes on a weekly basis, then take a midseason break and release the rest in 2024.

    If you can’t wait until then, a new Atom Eve episode is available now on Amazon.

    From the summary for Invincible S2:

    The story revolves around 18-year-old Mark Grayson (voiced by Steven Yeun), who’s just like every other guy his age—except his father (J.K. Simmons) is (or was) the most powerful superhero on the planet. Still reeling from Nolan’s betrayal in Season 1, Mark struggles to rebuild his life as he faces a host of new threats, all while battling his greatest fear - that he might become his father without even knowing it.

    Joining the Season 2 cast are Sterling K. Brown, Peter Cullen, Rob Delaney, Calista Flockhart, Phil LaMarr, Luke MacFarlane, Tatiana Maslany, Scott McNairy, Jay Pharoah, Ella Purnell, Tim Robinson, Ben Schwartz, Rhea Seehorn, Lea Thompson, Paul F. Tompkins, Shantel VanSanten, and more.

  • Borderlands is getting an “interactive series.”

    The show, called Borderlands EchoVision Live, is being made in partnership with Genvid Entertainment, which is also working on the in-development interactive project in the Silent Hill series. There’s no details on when the show will come out, but you can read the synopsis on Genvid’s website. Fingers crossed that it comes out before the Borderlands movie.

    A promotional image for Borderlands EchoVision Live.
    Image: Genvid / Gearbox
  • The Borderlands movie comes out next year

    A screenshot from Borderlands 3.
    A screenshot from Borderlands 3.
    Image: 2K

    The Borderlands movie, which has been officially in some sort of development since 2015, will finally be released on August 9th, 2024, according to a post from the movie’s Twitter account. The film is directed by Eli Roth (who also directed horror movies like Hostel and The Green Inferno) and stars Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Ariana Greenblatt, Florian Munteanu, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

    The Borderlands movie Twitter account didn’t share anything else besides the below image; if you were hoping for a trailer, you’re going to have to keep waiting.

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