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Nanoleaf’s blacked-out Triangle panels that light up with RGB color are $55 off

Nanoleaf’s blacked-out Triangle panels that light up with RGB color are $55 off


A nice discount on Nanoleaf’s slick limited-edition light panels. Also, today’s deals on the Logitech StreamCam Plus, OnePlus 10T, and more.

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A side-by-side image of the Nanoleaf Ultra Black Triangles on a wall. The image on the left shows them turned off, and the image on the right shows them lit up in red and yellow.
The Ultra Black version of the Nanoleaf Triangles leaves a bit of negative space on your walls when turned off as opposed to the usual bright white.
Image: Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf is offering a sizable savings on its slick, blacked-out light panels. The Nanoleaf Shapes Ultra Black Triangles Smarter Kit with nine panels is selling for $165 ($54.99 off) when you use code NANO25FB at checkout on Nanoleaf’s site. The limited-edition panels were first released a little over a year ago to commemorate Nanoleaf’s 10th birthday. I don’t know if they’re still really “limited,” as they remain easy to buy even after Nanoleaf has turned 11, but either way, the black triangles are especially cool-looking since they show their all-black base when turned off. Most other Nanoleaf panels are entirely white when switched off, so the black offers a sleek contrast with brighter walls or can blend into darker rooms.

Of course, when turned on, it’s all about bright and flashy RGB smart lighting that can be customized in myriad ways or synced with colors on your monitor — which is why Nanoleaf’s lights are quite popular with gamers and streamers who want a showy, battlestation-esque space.


Nanoleaf’s modular lights can showcase over 16 million colors, and you can arrange them in a variety of fun patterns. The smart lights are also compatible with the three major virtual assistants, including Apple Home.

The Logitech StreamCam Plus webcam is on sale for $69.98 (about $100 off) at GameStop (if you prefer free shipping, you may be able to get a price match at Best Buy). The 1080p / 60fps webcam produces some high-quality video for web conferencing or streaming, especially if you have good lighting. The Logitech software that accompanies it also allows you a fair amount of manual control to get the picture looking the way you prefer. And in addition to the solid video quality, the StreamCam has dual mics that sound pretty good — quite handy if you want to keep your setup simple (or be a little lazy).

The Plus version of the StreamCam comes with a tabletop tripod, though it still has the standard monitor mount for sitting atop your screen in vertical or horizontal orientation. However, like the standard StreamCam, the USB-C cable is built into the webcam itself, which is not ideal if the wire gets frayed or beat up over the years.


The StreamCam supports 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. It has a 78-degree field of view, along with two omnidirectional mics. Unlike most other options, the StreamCam connects via a built-in USB-C cable and includes a tabletop tripod in its Plus configuration.

The OnePlus 11 5G may be out, and there are already leaks of a OnePlus 12 smartphone, but if you don’t mind opting for a slightly older model, the OnePlus 10T from 2022 is selling for a very good price right now. You can get the OnePlus 10T with expanded 16GB of RAM and 256GB storage for $499.99 ($200 off) at Amazon — a new low. This is around the discounted price that the base model used to drop down to, but now, you’re getting more RAM and storage for a much more modest price.

The OnePlus 10T uses the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 CPU that was the flagship for Android phones in 2022, has a 6.7-inch OLED 1080p screen with 120Hz refresh rate, and offers superfast 125W wired charging. On the downside, there’s no wireless charging, and you’d likely be left with two years of Android OS updates now that the phone is around a year old. The newer Google Pixel 7A offers great competition for this same $499 price, though the OnePlus may still be a good fit if you want a big screen and fast performance at an affordable price.

Read our review of the OnePlus 10T.

The 10T is priced like a premium midrange phone but performs like a flagship. It lacks wireless charging but makes up for it with incredibly fast wired charging — charger included.

A few more deals to start your week with:

  • Costco members have a pair of very good Apple deals on offer: the third-gen AirPods with MagSafe charging case are $139.99 ($30 off) and the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air is $949.99 ($150 off). The Mac has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, but even in this base configuration, it’s a great value for an everyday productivity laptop with excellent battery life.
  • I generally recommend other wireless charging batteries for MagSafe iPhones, but if you insist on wanting Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack, it’s $84 ($15 off) at Amazon. It’s not that Apple’s is a bad wireless power bank; it’s just expensive for the amount of juice it can hold. It charges faster than most others, and it’s got a nice software integration with iOS to show its battery level, but even at its full 11.13Wh capacity, it’s more for top-up duty than giving your phone a full recharge from flat. But hey, if you want it, at least don’t pay full price.
  • The JBL Go 2 Bluetooth speaker in a cute mint color is selling for $19.88 ($20 off its original MSRP) at Walmart. The pocket-size speaker has been around since 2018, but it’s still fine for bringing some tunes to the beach or a pool party since the tiny speaker has IPX7-rated waterproofing — just mind the archaic Micro USB charging.
  • We recently covered the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which is on sale from papa Microsoft for $139.99. Now, the blue version of the Elite 2 Core is $109.99 ($30 off) at Amazon. I think getting the black version for $30 more is the better buy since it comes with all the added accessories, but if you can’t spring for the difference right now or just really dig the blue-and-black design, the Core is essentially the same controller with just fewer accouterments.
  • Here’s a charming gaming freebie: if you subscribe to Sega’s newsletter before the end of July, you will get a free code for Sega Bass Fishing on Steam after the signup concludes on July 31st (be sure to click both checkboxes). Based on the Dreamcast version from 1998, Sega Bass Fishing normally runs $7.99 on Steam and is a bit of a cult classic fishing game. At the time, it had the option to use a dedicated fishing reel controller, but you can just play it with a regular gamepad.