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Elon Musk just changed Twitter’s logo again — sort of

Elon Musk just changed Twitter’s logo again — sort of


Twitter’s new X logo has thicker lines.

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An image showing a before and after of Twitter’s “X” logo
Emma Roth / The Verge

After replacing Twitter’s little blue bird with an X logo, Elon Musk changed it again. On Tuesday afternoon, Musk replaced Twitter’s X logo with one that has slightly thicker lines — but then said he would reverse the change.

“I don’t like the thicker bars, so reverting,” Musk writes on Twitter. “The logo will evolve over time.” You can see how the two logos compare in the image embedded above.

The updated logo had already made its way to Twitter’s homepage, and Musk even changed his profile picture to match. Neither logo has made an appearance in Twitter’s mobile app, however.

While the updated logo is only slightly different, it looks closer to the design included in a follow-up tweet from Twitter user Sawyer Merritt, who Musk got the new logo from over the weekend.

On Sunday, Musk announced that he is rebranding Twitter to “X” and said if someone submitted a “good enough” logo that night, he would make it go live the next day. Musk later pinned a tweet from Merritt containing a video of the X logo, which appeared on the site shortly after.

The first version of the logo looks pretty similar to Monotype’s Special Alphabets 4 font and also matches up with a Unicode character. Musk said it would serve as an “interim” design, although it’s unclear when (or if) he’ll settle on a final design.

Update July 25th, 5:56PM ET: Added Musk’s comment about reversing the change.