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The Futurama crew touches down in Fortnite

The Futurama crew touches down in Fortnite


Unfortunately, there is no ‘shut up and take my money!’ emote.

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Planet Express, meet battle royale. As was teased yesterday, a collaboration between Futurama and Fortnite kicked off today, which mostly involves three characters from the show being available in the item shop. You can now fight your way through the game as Fry, Leela, or Bender, and the Planet Express ship is also available as a glider. Also in the shop: an emote that lets you shuffle like Dr. Zoidberg. Curiously, there is no emote related to the show’s most famous meme.

Here’s everything that’s available in the shop starting today:


Image: Epic Games

Outside of things to buy, the most recent update also adds a pair of weapons: Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun, which fires an unlimited amount of plasma but will overheat after prolonged use, and the new heavy-duty Mammoth Pistol.

While Fortnite is known for its extensive collaborations, this most recent season has been comparatively light on licensed tie-ins, with Transformers and Nike being the notable exceptions. Of course, as is typical, the Futurama crossover is tied to some news: namely that the show has returned this week with a new season on Hulu.