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You can now get Boost Infinite’s $25 unlimited wireless plan from Amazon Prime

You can now get Boost Infinite’s $25 unlimited wireless plan from Amazon Prime


Twenty-five bucks a month isn’t a bad deal for what amounts to an AT&T mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO — and now, Prime members can sign up through Amazon.

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Illustration of the Dish logo with a white and red background.
Dish’s postpaid wireless plan is now on sale at Amazon.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Remember our fourth wireless carrier, Dish Network? No? That’s because Dish is still trying to make its Boost brand a viable alternative to the big three US carriers. It’s not going all that great, but today, the company has a new avenue to sell its services: Amazon.

Boost Infinite is the company’s postpaid brand, and it offers a basic $25 per month unlimited plan. It’s been available since December of last year and includes 5G coverage with 30GB of premium data per month. As of today, it’s available to Prime customers with some added incentives: $5 off the $25 SIM kit and $25 off your first bill.

In theory, Boost Infinite will one day use Dish’s own 5G network, which it’s still building and testing under the Project Genesis brand. Until that materializes, it uses AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s networks to provide coverage. When Dish started promoting the Boost Infinite brand last summer, it made some references to “web 3.0 trends” and the ability to turn “unused data into a real digital currency.”

Thankfully, none of that nonsense is mentioned on Boost’s website or the Amazon product page, so hopefully that’s just a distant memory of hot crypto summers past. In the meantime, $25 is a pretty good deal if you’re looking for an inexpensive, basic wireless plan. Boost says that this price is locked in as long as you keep your service active, which is nice, but never underestimate a wireless carrier’s ability to dream up new ways to charge you money.