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Niantic’s Monster Hunter Now is launching on September 14th

Niantic’s Monster Hunter Now is launching on September 14th


The struggling studio continues its attempt to follow Pokémon Go with a hit.

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Promotional art for the video game Monster Hunter Now.
Image: Niantic

The next major release from Pokémon Go developer Niantic is launching very soon. The studio announced today that Monster Hunter Now, a collaboration with Capcom, will be available globally on September 14th, launching on both iOS and Android.

The announcement was made as part of a lengthy presentation detailing more about how the game will actually work, including the weapons that’ll be available at launch (sword and shield, great sword, long sword, hammer, light bowgun, and bow) and how the cycle of hunting and gearing up will play out. Monster Hunter Now also has a clever feature called paintball, where players can mark monsters they come across so they can fight them later.

You can check out the full video below:

The launch comes at a pivotal time for Niantic, which has largely struggled to replicate the success of Pokémon Go, which remains its biggest hit. In June, the company announced staff layoffs, including the shuttering of its LA studio and the closure of two games: NBA All-World and the in-development Marvel Heroes. This came not long after the launch of Peridot, an original Niantic property in the form of a virtual pet game.

As for Monster Hunter Now, interested players can preregister now on both iOS and Android to receive some in-game bonuses when it launches.