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Sony has sold 40 million PS5s

Sony has sold 40 million PS5s


Despite supply chain issues and the problems caused by the pandemic, Sony says the PS5 supply is now ‘well-stocked.’

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Sony’s PS5 console.
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Sony announced it has sold over 40 million PlayStation 5 consoles despite the “unprecedented challenges of COVID” and supply chain issues. Unlike the press release shared when the PS5 crossed 10 million units sold as of July 2021, Sony didn’t call its flagship console out as the “fastest-selling console in the history of Sony Interactive Entertainment,” reflecting a slower pace of sales even as supply issues ebbed.

PlayStation 5 shipments have begun to ramp up this year. Sony nearly hit 40 million consoles sold earlier this year and tripled the number of consoles it shipped from January to March 2023 at 6.3 million units. At the same time last year, it shipped just 2 million PlayStation 5 consoles.

“For more months than I care to remember, we kept thanking our community for their patience while working through these issues,” Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony, says. “But now PS5 supply is well-stocked and we are seeing that pent up demand finally being met.”

Still, the PlayStation 5 sales have dominated this generation (excluding the Nintendo Switch, like the FTC says you should), handily outpacing both Xbox Series consoles since they all launched in November 2020.