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LinkedIn seems to be working on an AI ‘coach’ for job applications

LinkedIn seems to be working on an AI ‘coach’ for job applications


LinkedIn might be launching a new generative chatbot that can help you apply for jobs and connect with others.

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A graphic showing a robot performing multiple functions
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

LinkedIn appears to be developing a new AI tool that can help ease the effectively robotic task of looking for and applying to jobs. According to a new leak, the Microsoft-owned company seems to have a new “LinkedIn Coach” assistant in testing that could support you through the application processes, teach you new skills, and help you network on your LinkedIn network.

The news comes from app researcher Nima Owji, who uncovers features from various developers that haven’t been deployed yet. In an email, LinkedIn spokesperson Amanda Purvis tells The Verge the company is “always exploring” new ways to improve user experience on the platform. Purvis adds that the company “will have more to share soon.”

The image Owji seems to have pulled from LinkedIn suggests users ask the chatbot things like “How does Coach work?” or “What is the culture of Microsoft?” Since LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, it’s predictable that AI-powered assistants would make their way over to the professional social platform at some point.

Microsoft’s been putting chatbots in everything from Bing to the Office document-generating Copilot, which it just announced steep pricing on last week. The company also just launched a coding chatbot for GitHub in beta.