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Casetify’s gorgeous Evangelion iPhone and AirPods cases are (not) just a dream

Casetify’s gorgeous Evangelion iPhone and AirPods cases are (not) just a dream


Casetify’s new line of Evangelion-inspired Apple accessories will keep your devices looking sharp enough to pierce any AT field.

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An assortment of iPhone and AirPods cases arranged in a line before a setting sun background. Beneath the cases, their reflections are pictures on a surface made to look like rippling water.
Products from the Project-CSTF: Protection from Impact line.
Image: Khara / Casetify

The Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise has given rise to quite a few interesting real-world smartphones and even more mech-themed accessories over the years. But rather than simply trying to replicate pieces of tech from the classic anime, the new line of Evangelion-inspired cases and chargers from Casetify aims to transform your ordinary iPhone into a device capable of surviving an Impact event.

Casetify, the company behind those phone case ads you’ve undoubtedly seen on Instagram, is collaborating with Studio Khara for a new line of Evangelion-inspired iPhone and AirPods accessories that are all designed to help protect your devices from falls. Like Casetify’s classic Impact line, each of the new cases featured in the Project-CSTF: Protection from Impact series wraps your device in layers of impact-absorbing shielding meant to minimize damage from spills and falls. 

Along with regular cases emblazoned with various Evangelion pilots and MagSafe cases that resemble the mechs themselves, Casetify is also releasing a charging dock inspired by the mobile ejection stands seen in Evangelion as well as an AirPods Pro / Pro 2 case modeled after Eva Test Type-01’s head.


To celebrate the Evangelion collab’s debut on July 20th, Casetify is putting on a limited-run outdoor exhibition at Shinjuku Kabukicho Cine City Square in Japan that will run until July 25th and feature a 13-foot-tall EVA-01. Casetify’s yet to announce any pricing for the Project-CSTF: Protection from Impact series, but ahead of its release on the 20th, interested fans can sign up for a waitlist and head into any one of Casetify’s Studio store locations to receive a special AR marker card that unlocks digital replicas of the line’s products.