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Reddit has rolled out a bunch of changes to the logged-out web experience

Reddit has rolled out a bunch of changes to the logged-out web experience


One notable change is that the site should feel faster.

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The Reddit logo over an orange and black background
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Reddit has rolled out some changes to the logged-out web experience that are intended to “deliver a more consistent, reliable, and fast web experience for people not logged in,” according to a post from an admin (employee) who goes by whizlogic. The changes are available globally on mobile web and desktop.

The updates could make Reddit better for those who stumble upon it through a search engine, whizlogic said. “These people are often looking for community-verified content on their mobile, tablet or desktop devices. While some people in this group know Reddit and are seeking it out specifically, many others visit Reddit infrequently or are just finding it for the first time.”

Here are just some of the changes:

  • You can expect faster load times; “the new logged out web experience is more than twice as fast as our previous web platforms,” whizlogic says.
  • The search results page is “simpler, consistent, and more intuitive.”
  • Posts in the Popular feed (what you’ll see when you go to while not logged in) have bigger titles.
  • If you’re on a larger screen, you’ll see a sidebar on the right with related posts. On smaller screens, you’ll see those suggestions under the comment thread.

You can get an idea of how it looks in this GIF of the desktop experience and these images of the mobile experience, both from Reddit. In my unscientific testing, it does seem faster. But I’m also not a huge fan of the Popular feed in general, so I’ll continue logging in on my browsers so that I can more easily follow the subreddits I care about and stick with the Old Reddit design. And despite the changes to improve the logged-out experience, I’ve still seen the annoying pop-up on mobile web asking if I want to view content in the Reddit app or in Safari.

Reddit is rolling out the changes on the heels of some turbulent weeks for the platform. For much of June, many users protested the platform’s new API pricing, but the pricing still went into effect and some third-party apps shut down. In July, the company brought back the r/Place collaborative art project, which had some incredible art and a lot of protest messaging.