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Anker’s new 240W desktop USB-C charger can fast-charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro

Anker’s new 240W desktop USB-C charger can fast-charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro


Anker’s new ‘Prime’ accessories are available to order and include a multi-port USB-C charger and dockable battery bank that can both fast-charge laptops at up to 140W.

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Charging brick with four USB ports standing vertically
Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Anker’s newest desktop 240W charger can fast-charge multiple devices, supporting up to 140W charging that’s compatible with the 16-inch MacBook Pro. It leads off the company’s new lineup of “Prime” gallium nitride (GaN) chargers that were announced in June and is available for preorder on Amazon and direct from Anker for $199.99, with predicted shipping dates currently listed as starting in mid-September.

The lineup also includes an update to last year’s PowerCore 24K battery bank — now with a larger 27,650mAh pack. The new 250-watt Anker Prime power bank, besides being more powerful, can also dock on top of a new charging base that doubles as a 100-watt desktop charger. The 250-watt battery bank also supports a new Anker mobile app that can connect over Bluetooth to optimize charging, monitor charge status, and activate an audible alert from the battery if you need help finding it.

The battery bank can be preordered on Amazon and direct from Anker for $179.99 and will ship between October 23rd and November 9th. The charging base is currently sold separately, costs $69.99 (also from Anker directly), and will ship starting August 11th.

dude really contently using his MacBook pro thats plugged into a dock with AirPods also plugged in for charging, and a battery bank sitting on top.
You can dock the new battery banks on this charging base, which includes its own 100W charger for other devices.
Image: Anker

If the new Prime power bank is just too much for your needs, Anker’s also shipping smaller versions. There’s an Anker Prime 130-watt power bank for $89.99 on Amazon and and also a middle-of-the-road 200-watt version for $129.99 on Amazon and Anker as well. Both of these models also work on the new charging base.

Anker is also releasing fresh versions of similar Prime chargers from last year, including a 100-watt wall wart with flippy power pins and two USB-C ports plus a single USB-A for $84.99 on Amazon and There’s a slightly lighter 67W version, too, for $59.99 (Amazon / Anker direct). Both of these chargers can be had for 10 percent off with a coupon code that’s presented on Anker’s pages for each.

Finally, if you’re a fan of the Anker power station (the one with the pop-out AC ports), there’s a new version that now supports charging 140W total and includes a new neat little status screen. That can be had for $109.99 from both Amazon and Anker’s website.