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Humane will share more about its mysterious ‘Ai Pin’ the same day as October’s eclipse

Humane will share more about its mysterious ‘Ai Pin’ the same day as October’s eclipse


Circle October 14th on your calendar for a solar eclipse and news about Humane’s Ai Pin.

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A photo from Imran Chaudhri’s TED talk about the Humane Ai Pin. The device projects details of a phone call onto his hand.
Image: TED

Humane, a startup founded by ex-Apple employees, plans to share more about its mysterious AI-powered wearable on the same day as a solar eclipse in October, co-founder Imran Chaudhri said in a video on the company’s Discord (via Inverse). The solar eclipse is set to happen on October 14th.

The device, officially called the “Humane Ai Pin” (in the Discord video, Chaudhri pronounces that middle word like you would say the word AI), is being promoted as something that can replace your smartphone. In a wild demo at this year’s TED conference, Chaudhri uses the device, which is somehow attached to his jacket at chest height, to do things like:

  • Answer a phone call from his wife and fellow Humane co-founder, Bethany Bongiorno, though without pushing a button to pick up the call. (He does say “hello?”, which might be the prompt the device uses to answer the phone)
  • Speak a translated sentence in French using an AI-made version of his voice, though without verbally specifying that he wanted an English-to-French translation
  • Catch up on some emails, events, and messages, though it’s unclear where the device is getting the data from given that it apparently does not need to be paired with a smartphone

As you might be able to tell, we have a lot of questions about the Ai Pin! Hopefully, this upcoming October 14th moment will shed some more light on some of those questions.

“There’s an incredible celestial event that’s happening in October: an eclipse,” Chaudhri said in the Discord video. “An eclipse is an important symbol for us. It’s a new beginning spiritually, that’s what it means. It’s something that the whole world notices and comes together. We are certainly looking forward to being able to have a special moment on that day.”

“We can’t wait — all of us — to be able to walk down the street and see people using what we’ve built,” Bongiorno said.

If you’d like to hear their comments for yourself, we’ve embedded the video from the Humane Discord below.