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The official Planet of the Bass music video is here

The official Planet of the Bass music video is here


Finally, you can listen to the full song, and there is nothing to be sad.

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It’s finally here — the official music video for “Planet of the Bass,” arguably the internet’s song of the summer, has been released. You can watch it right here on YouTube, though I wouldn’t blame you if you already clicked the play button in the video embed at the top of this post.

“Planet of the Bass” is a ridiculous parody of Eurodance music I remember hearing as a kid, and it’s become A Thing on the internet thanks to creator Kyle Gordon’s absurd video clips of the song. I think the first is still my favorite, but the subsequent clips that swapped out the woman in the video without changing her voice were pretty good.

You can also listen to the song on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, or the streaming service of your choice. Make sure to deploy it at any late-summer parties you’re going to.