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You can get genuine Pixel 7A parts at iFixit now

You can get genuine Pixel 7A parts at iFixit now


DIY replacement parts can save you a big chunk of change, and now iFixit has you covered for the Pixel 7A.

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A picture of the Pixel 7A screen repair kit from iFixit.
The iFixit Pixel 7A screen repair kit.
Image: iFixit

DIY repairs for the Google Pixel 7A just got a lot easier as famed right-to-repair-supporting website iFixit has added official parts for Google’s newest slab phone to its store. iFixit has been stocking genuine Google Pixel phone parts for over a year after it made a deal with Google that followed a recent trend by phone makers to improve the accessibility of OEM components.

When we reviewed Google’s more affordable flagship in May, Allison Johnson called the Pixel 7A the best midrange Android phone for most people thanks to good build quality, a great camera, and an improved 90Hz OLED display.

Parts on sale at iFixit include a replacement digitizer screen ($109.99), rear plastic cover ($44.99), both rear camera modules, adhesive films for various tiny internal bits, a new battery ($39.99), and more. Many of the replacement parts come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects — perhaps it’s obvious, but exceptions to that include the battery and various adhesive strips.

Unfortunately, besides the cameras and battery, iFixit isn’t stocking other major internal components, so if your phone’s logic board or storage goes kaput, you’re out of luck there, at least if you want to go through iFixit.

Fixing your own phone can be a daunting but educational and fun DIY challenge, depending on which one you own. iFixit issues repairability scores to many of the most popular phones when publishing its guides, but unfortunately, the team there hasn’t quite gotten around to the Pixel 7A — or any Pixel phone since the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, which it gave respective scores of six and five out of 10.

For what it’s worth, the PBKreviews YouTube channel, which also gave the Pixel 6 a six on its repairability scale, scored the Pixel 7A’s repairability at 7.5 out of 10.