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Vampire Survivors could be getting cross-saves and an ‘adventures’ mode

Vampire Survivors could be getting cross-saves and an ‘adventures’ mode


The team making Vampire Survivors is still working on major updates.

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A screenshot of the Vampire Survivors title screen with a new button that says “Adventures.”
Image: Poncle

Vampire Survivors is out on Switch on Thursday (it’s great), and sometime in the future, you might be able to bring your save file to Nintendo’s console — and everywhere else the game is available, developer Poncle announced.

“A lot of people have been asking for cross-save, and the Nintendo Switch port will most likely increase demand even more,” Poncle wrote in a post on Steam on Thursday. “We’re working on it: we have already run successful tests in moving saves between PC, mobile, and consoles, while also adding cloud save slots! We’ll keep you updated, but save data is a very delicate thing, so this will really need a lot of testing and an adequate amount of time in the oven to be released in a safe, fully working state.”

The fact that I couldn’t bring over my progress from PC was one of my few criticisms with the Switch port of the game, so I’m happy to hear that cross-saves are in development — even if it might be a while before they are officially rolled out.

On Thursday, Poncle also released a free update that adds local co-op across all platforms. On Discord, the team said that it’s looking into online co-op as well, “but that is such a massive undertaking that we cannot make any promises at this time.”

Thursday’s post has a few other Vampire Survivors tidbits as well. In a screenshot (which I’ve included at the top of this post), Poncle teased some kind of “Adventures” mode. Poncle said it will “add a lot of gameplay options and possibilities” and noted that it “won’t spoil anything as it’s difficult to summarize it quickly, we’ll properly announce and explain this new feature over the upcoming weeks.”

The development team is also doing some “heavy work behind the scenes” to be able to go back to releasing content patches “every month,” Poncle said. Releases have been slower now that the game is available on PC, iOS, Android, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch because updates have to go through four certification processes.

Poncle also teased future game content that’s in development. Hints of some of what’s to come surfaced in a “Directer’s Cut” at an event earlier this month, and Poncle said that “all the new content shown in that version is scheduled to be fully developed and released in future free updates.” You can get a preview of that in this wild video.