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Google adds a reminder to clean your Pixel Buds every once in a while

Google adds a reminder to clean your Pixel Buds every once in a while


The Google Pixel Buds app will soon remind you to give your earbuds a clean after 120 hours of wear-time.

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The yellow Pixel Buds Pro wireless earbuds sitting in their charging case with the lid open, resting on an orange table beside a plastic cup of colorful lemonade.
You really should be checking them regularly anyway, but hopefully, this helps to avoid any gross build-up.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

When was the last time you cleaned your earphones? Ideally, you’re not leaving it long enough to see a sizable amount of crud building up (which is fairly unavoidable when you’re regularly shoving them into your ears), but if you happen to own a pair of Google Pixel Buds or Pixel Buds Pro then don’t worry — Google will soon remind you. As reported by 9to5Google, the latest version of the Pixel Buds app (version 1.0.555017123) includes a new notification that will prompt users to regularly clean and maintain their earbuds.

The updated app is currently rolling out via the Google Play Store, and according to a few 9to5Google readers, some users are already starting to see the cleaning notification. Within the prompt, Google notes that keeping Pixel Buds clean helps to maintain audio quality and make sure the buds are charging correctly by preventing anything from gunking up the charging pins or speakers. It’s pretty sound advice that can — and should — be applied to any earbud brand though, so if you’re having audio or charging issues then make sure you give everything a wipe down before assuming the problem is something more nefarious.

The notifications should appear once the Pixel Buds app has tracked you wearing the earbuds for around 120 hours, rather than the device actually detecting any physical build-up that needs clearing. Tapping on the notification will also open Google’s existing guide that details how to correctly clean the Pixel Buds Pro buds and charging case. The video doesn’t show a specialized technique that’s specific to the Pixel Buds Pro — just a quick wipe down with a clean cloth — so you can likely apply the same steps to clean most earphones from other manufacturers.