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Twitter Blue subscribers can now hide their blue checks

Twitter Blue subscribers can now hide their blue checks


Twitter / X Blue subscribers can now hide that they’re paying and avoid the memes.

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An image showing the X logo with the old Twitter logo in the background
Image: The Verge

Twitter Blue, which Elon Musk is currently rebranding to X Blue, now includes the option to hide the notorious blue checkmark. Twitter Blue subscribers recently started noticing the “hide your blue checkmark” option on the web and in mobile apps, offering the ability to hide that they’re paying for Twitter and avoid memes about how “this mf paid for twitter.”

“The checkmark will be hidden on your profile and posts,” notes a Twitter support article. “The checkmark may still appear in some places and some features could still reveal you have an active subscription. Some features may not be available while your checkmark is hidden.”

The new hide blue checkmark option.
The new hide blue checkmark option.
Screenshot by Tom Warren / The Verge

Twitter previously used a blue checkmark verification system for account recognition or credibility, but when Elon Musk started allowing anyone to be “verified” through a Blue subscription it briefly descended into chaos with fake accounts. Then everyone soon realized who was paying to be verified on Twitter before Twitter eventually removed blue checkmarks from legacy verified accounts and changed how verified checkmarks were displayed multiple times. Blue checkmarks are also assigned to users with one million or more followers.

If you subscribe to Twitter Blue the service will now add an optional blue checkmark to your profile with a “verified since” date attached. Legacy verified accounts include the date an account was originally verified on Twitter before the Blue subscription system.

Twitter owner Elon Musk is currently rebranding the service to X in a bid to create an “everything app” that will likely include some form of a payments system in the future. The little blue bird disappeared last week, replaced with an “interim” X logo that briefly appeared on top of Twitter’s San Francisco office building in the form of an extravagant flashing and strobing X sign. There are still plenty of places where X refers to Twitter, and even the X Blue subscription page mentions Twitter Blue plenty of times.