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Latest Chrome updates make Google Search more comprehensive and downloads tidier

Latest Chrome updates make Google Search more comprehensive and downloads tidier


One change brings trending Google searches to the address bar for Chrome on Android — with iOS coming later this year.

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An image showing the Chrome logo surrounded by yellow circles
The Chrome downloads tray is moving to the address bar after years of clogging up browsing windows.
Image: The Verge

Google is rolling out some updates to its Chrome web browser that should make it easier to quickly find the information you need, whether you’re downloading a bunch of files or just browsing the web. 

The most notable change to Google Search, perhaps, is that Chrome for Android now shows trending Google searches directly within the address bar. iOS users will be able to access this feature sometime “later this year.”

A screenshot showing trending search terms and Touch to Search appearing in Chrome’s mobile browser.
Trending searches (seen center) are great for staying updated about current events. Bringing the feature to mobile makes sense for those frequently on the move.
Image: Google

Relevant search suggestions will also now appear in the address bar for Chrome mobile users on iOS and Android across “eligible sites.” For example, the browser may suggest searches for local restaurants or tourist attractions when you’re researching vacation destinations.

Android users can take advantage of the browser’s Touch to Search feature to find related searches to highlighted topics, and the Chrome address bar will now display 10 search suggestions to iOS users instead of the previous six — a feature that was already available to Android users.

Google is also introducing a redesigned downloads experience to Chrome for desktop across macOS, Windows, and ChromeOS that makes it easier to interact with your recently downloaded files.

Now located at the top right of the Chrome address bar, the new download tray features an animated ring that displays the download progress and opens briefly upon completion before automatically dismissing itself for uninterrupted browsing. The new tray will also list all of the files you downloaded within the previous 24 hours, with options listed directly within the tray to open the relevant download folder, pause / resume, retry, or cancel a download.

A GIF demonstrating Chrome desktop’s new download experience
You can also configure the downloads tray to not open at all if you wish. I’m just glad it won’t be littering the bottom of my browser window anymore.
Image: Google