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FCC filing hints at a new Fitbit tracker — but which one?

FCC filing hints at a new Fitbit tracker — but which one?


A Bluetooth fitness tracker seems most likely, but it raises questions about where Fitbit’s headed now that Google’s calling the shots.

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Close up of Fitbit Inspire 3 screen. The Fitbit is resting on a vibrant green plant.
The FCC filing seems to indicate a Bluetooth-only tracker. The Fitbit Inspire 3 (pictured) is a less likely candidate since it launched just last year.
Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

It looks like the Pixel Watch 2 may not be the only wearable that Google launches this fall. A new FCC filing for what appears to be a Fitbit tracker also surfaced today. The question is which one, and what does that say about where Fitbit stands?

In the FCC filing, the product is listed as a “Google LLC Wireless Device G3MP5” but doesn’t appear to have anything but Bluetooth connectivity. And while there are no pictures, 9to5Google points out that the device’s e-label will be located in an app via “Settings > Device > Info > Regulatory Info.” That lines up with Fitbit’s previous trackers.

While there have been a ton of Pixel Watch 2 leaks and rumors recently, it’s been quiet on the Fitbit front, so it’s unclear as to which Fitbit tracker this is. However, because it only features Bluetooth, it rules out higher-end lineups like the Charge, Versa, and Sense. That leaves Fitbit’s entry-level Inspire, the fancier Luxe, and the Ace — Fitbit’s tracker for children.

Of these, the Ace seems most likely. The Inspire 3 launched just last year, while the Luxe is a bit of an oddball in Fitbit’s lineup. The Luxe was meant to be an upscale, jewelry-like tracker but had a baffling price for its feature set. Although it had an OLED display, consumers complained it lacked NFC capabilities, had fewer overall features compared to the similarly priced Charge 5, and still cost $150 for the basic model and $200 for a special edition. Meanwhile, the Ace 3 was last updated in 2021 and doesn’t need anything beyond basic tracking.

It’s also possible that this isn’t a true Fitbit at all.

Last year, I wrote that Fitbit as we know it was one Pixel Band away from disappearing completely — and it would make sense given Google’s recent attempts at further integrating Fitbit’s platform into the overall Google machine. For starters, the Fitbit app will get a refresh this fall that incorporates more of Google’s Material Design language. Google has also begun the voluntary migration of Fitbit accounts to Google accounts, which will become mandatory by 2025, and earlier this year, Google shuttered longtime legacy Fitbit social features like Challenges and Adventures.

Photo of a child hula-hooping while wearing a blue Fitbit Ace on their right wrist.
The Fitbit Ace 3 launched in 2021 and is one of the likelier candidates for an update.
Image: Fitbit

It’s also worth noting how confused its lineup was last year when it launched the Fitbit Versa 4, Fitbit Sense 2, and Pixel Watch. The Fitbit devices were heavily nerfed, lacking features they once had, like Google Assistant and third-party apps. Meanwhile, the Pixel Watch had some baffling health tracking omissions despite being powered by Fitbit’s platform. For example, it was missing nightly SpO2 percentages and Sleep Profiles. (Google later added a number of those features to Pixel Watch after launch.) It was evident that Google was trying to differentiate three similar products but ended up confusing and angering consumers in the process. Given that, the next natural step would be to simplify its offerings to a higher-end Pixel Watch and a simple Fitbit (or Pixel?) tracker.

Of course, this is all speculation based on what we know so far. We won’t officially know until Google makes its fall product lineup official. Last year, the Fitbit Versa 4, Inspire 3, and Sense 2 launched separately ahead of the original Pixel Watch. If Google intends for this to be a standalone Fitbit device, it’s possible this will follow the same format. But if this launches alongside the Pixel Watch 2 and Pixel 8? Perhaps that’s all anyone will need to know about the future of Fitbit devices.