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Gillette x Razer gamer razor has no lights and has no lasers

Gillette x Razer gamer razor has no lights and has no lasers


I dunno, just feels like a missed opportunity to bring RGB to the bathroom sink.

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Press shot of GilletteLabs x Razer razor. The razor handle itself is Razer green, the magnetic stand is black, and the promo image has lots of black and green on it. It reads “Feel sharp / play sharp,” and has the words “limited edition” and the Razer and GilletteLabs logos.
Razer’s new razor has no RGB, but it’ll shave ya.

After all this time, Razer made a razor. Well. Technically, Gillette made a razor and put Razer’s branding on it. Finally, a razor for gamers!

Don’t confuse this with the Razer Razer, this year’s April Fool’s Day joke. That was an RGB gaming mouse with an electric shaver built into it. As fun as it would be to have a quick way to get a bunch of beard hair into your keyboard, the reality here is both smarter and more disappointing.

To be more specific: they took the five-blade GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar and slapped Razer’s acid-green-and-black color scheme and snake logo on it. No RGB, which feels like a missed opportunity to tie into Razer’s vast Chroma ecosystem and sync your razor to your laptop, headset, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and iPhone cooling fan, but it looks like it’ll do a much better job at shaving your face.

Gillette sent along a big old press release about how appropriate and cool it is for Gillette and Razer to team up, how it was inspired by the shaving mouse April Fool’s Day joke, and so forth. In response to me asking whether this was just a GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar with Razer colors and branding, Gillette’s global brand franchise leader Daniel Ordonez told The Verge:

It is much more than a logo on a razor. Gillette and Razer meet at the intersection of design, innovation, and cutting-edge technology to unveil the limited-edition product. Both brands collaborated on design elements in a variety of ways to leverage each other’s strengths to create a unique and compelling product – bringing together and integrating the visual and brand identities from both partners – to develop the GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition product. 

And there you have it! The GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition product is rolling out worldwide at the end of August in two variants — with and without a Razer-green travel tin. You can also buy Razer-branded refill blades if consistency is that important to you. Gillette told me that “final consumer pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer,” which is not super helpful, but the regular GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar is like $23, or $30ish with the travel case, so expect to pay somewhere around that!

[Absolutely unnecessary further context: Back in 2009, Gillette made the Gillette Fusion Gamer and Power Fusion Gamer, which were the Fusion and Power Fusion with a slightly different color scheme and the word “Gamer” on the package. It went about as well as you’d think. At least this time, it’s got an actual gaming company — and one with a distinct aesthetic — onboard. Still shoulda put RGB on it, though.]