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Here’s our first look at the new Philips Hue security cameras

Here’s our first look at the new Philips Hue security cameras


Two of the four rumored models have now been approved by the FCC, giving us a glimpse at the camera’s specs and cylindrical design.

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A cutout of the new Philips Hue security camera against a plain gray backdrop.
We’ll likely get a proper look at the cameras soon if Philips officially unveils them at IFA.
Image: Philips / FCC

The first images of what are believed to be Philips Hue’s new home security cameras have emerged online, just a few weeks after rumors first emerged that the company was entering the smart home security market. First spotted by the German-language tech site Hueblog, at least two of the four speculated camera models have now been granted regulatory approval by the FCC

The registration documents contain some technical details alongside a breakdown of the cylindrical camera unit. The images show the black variant (though a white model will also supposedly be available) both with and without a battery unit. The battery adds some considerable length to the camera if you’re not looking to buy the wired version.

An image of the new Philips Hue security cameras taken from an FCC filing.


The battery-operated version (seen left) is noticeably taller than its wired counterpart.
Image: Philips / FCC

According to a warning sticker on the camera unit, it’ll also come equipped with some strong magnets, which likely have something to do with how the camera itself is mounted. A diagram on the FCC documents also confirms that the new Philips cameras will support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee standards. Bluetooth may be limited to the setup process here, but Zigbee’s inclusion — which is used across all Philips Hue products — at least implies it can be incorporated into the wider Hue ecosystem.

There’s currently no confirmed pricing for any of the camera models, though previous reports suggest the wired Hue camera will retail for around €199.95 (about $218). The battery-powered variant should be a little more expensive at around €249.95 (about $272). We might learn more next week if Philips officially unveils these new cameras at the IFA consumer electronics trade show, which is running from September 1st to September 5th.