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Confirmed: The Vision Pro’s front-facing display doesn’t work yet.

From the last issue of Command Line:

While most developers have to physically go into one of Apple’s labs to try the Vision Pro, a select group has been able to take headsets home to spend more time building for the device. After talking with one such developer, I’ve confirmed the suspicion I had after my own Vision Pro demo back at WWDC: key aspects of the device don’t work yet, namely the front-facing display that is supposed to show the wearer’s eyes as they move.

That explains why no Apple execs have been photographed wearing the Vision Pro yet, and why even the accompanying photo for the company’s post this week on early developer reactions only shows the headset being worn from the side. Siri also doesn’t work on the devices that have been loaned to developers, I’m told. Has Apple ever let people from the outside world use, much less take home, a device that is this unfinished?