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Nudes stored in Google Photos can now be securely accessed from more devices

Nudes stored in Google Photos can now be securely accessed from more devices


Web and iOS users join Android users with access to the Locked Folder feature, making sensitive photos and videos backed up to the cloud accessible across other devices — provided you have the passcode, of course.

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Two screenshots of the new Locked Folder backup proccess for Google Photos.
iOS and web users of Google Photos can conceal sensitive images and videos from their feeds and other apps.
Image: Google

Some updates are rolling out across Google Photos that should make it easier to secure and access your sensitive images across all of your devices. Starting today, the Locked Folder feature — which allows Android users to hide specific photos and videos behind a passcode — is coming to iOS and web users, with a new option to back up Locked Folders to access those encrypted images across multiple devices with the help of Google’s cloud.

The Locked Folder is a neat feature if you have any sensitive (okay, let’s be real here — nude) images or videos you’d rather keep away from prying eyes. Not only do Locked Folders provide a layer of password protection but also protected files won’t appear in your photo feed or other apps, which should help to avoid any embarrassing situations when scrolling through your various app libraries.

A gif demonstrating how to back up hidden files on Google Photos.
It’s easy to back up your sensitive content using the Locked Folder feature.
Image: Google

When asked, Google says that Locked Folder content backed up to the cloud is done so securely. “We protect this data with multiple layers of security, including leading encryption technology like HTTPS and encryption at rest,” said Google spokesperson Michael Marconi in an email exchange with The Verge. Nevertheless, Google says that you don’t have to use the new backup feature if you’re concerned about moving your sensitive content around in the cloud — resulting in it being stored securely in a Locked Folder on the device itself.

The settings page in Google Photos has also been updated so that it’s easier to locate and adjust privacy controls and other settings. The new layout replaces the old settings page, adding sections for privacy, backup, sharing, notifications, and more.

The search giant said that all this newness in Google Photos “starts rolling out today,” so it could take some time to see these features arrive on your own devices.