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Verizon’s myPlan lineup adds a pricier Unlimited Ultimate option

Verizon’s myPlan lineup adds a pricier Unlimited Ultimate option


The new unlimited option offers even more hotspot data, but it isn’t cheap at $90 per month before adding available perks like discounted Apple Music or Disney Plus.

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Verizon will offer a new $90 monthly cellphone plan called Unlimited Ultimate, announced in an update to the May blog post that announced its myPlan lineup. It offers 60GB of mobile hotspot data (double what you get with the $80 Unlimited Plus plan), 10GB of unthrottled international data, and includes access to the company’s 5G Ultra Wideband network that's a mix of the company’s C-band wireless signal and its faster mmWave 5G.

T-Mobile similarly just introduced an expensive new "unlimited" data plan to its Go5G line with the $100 per month Go5G Next plan to complement its C-band spectrum. It offers slightly less hotspot data at 50GB but comes with Netflix Basic and Apple TV Plus and the option to upgrade your phone on a yearly schedule.

Verizon unbundled streaming services and similar incentives when it introduced myPlan, turning them instead into $10 a month add-on “perks.” Earlier this month, the company announced subscribers to its legacy “Mix and Match” plans would see a price hike, which could drive people to switch plans but at the expense of older plan features like unlimited 5G hotspot data for some.

Per Verizon communications manager Ashley Colette, who confirmed the multi-line discounts for this plan in an email to The Verge, these are the prices for accounts with five lines and beyond:

  • 1 line: $90
  • 2 lines: $80
  • 3 lines: $65
  • 4 lines: $55
  • 5 or more lines: $52

It’s worth noting is that this Unlimited plan won’t get the three-year price guarantee Verizon offered originally for its “best Unlimited plan,” as Colette clarified in a later email, while the listed prices assume you’ll set up auto-pay, which brings a $10 monthly discount.

If you find yourself working out-of-pocket a lot with a laptop tethered to your computer and you’re frequently leaving the country, it could be nice not to have to deal with adding temporary international plans like the company’s TravelPass, which gives you 2GB of unfettered data for an extra $10 (but throttles you to 3G speeds once you go over), but it won’t add much for people who tend to stay near their home Wi-Fi.

Update August 30th, 2023 9:48AM ET: Added confirmation from Verizon communications manager Ashley Colette of the multi-line discounts for the Unlimited Ultimate plan, and added clarification that the three-year price guarantee does not apply to the new plan.