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OnePlus’ impressive first tablet just received its first discount

OnePlus’ impressive first tablet just received its first discount


There are also steep savings to be had on Amazon’s third-gen Echo Show 5 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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The OnePlus Pad in its keyboard case.
With high-end specs and a midrange price, the OnePlus Pad is a welcome return to form.
Image: Dan Seifert / The Verge

It’s been a surprisingly good year for Android tablets, with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 series and the Google Pixel Tablet both having launched within the past couple of months. The OnePlus Pad also arrived earlier this year, and though it might not carry the same clout as a Google or Samsung tablet, it’s a solid device that’s available from OnePlus right now with a free OnePlus Stylo stylus for $429.99 ($50 off).

For the money, OnePlus’ first tablet packs a bit of punch. The 11.6-inch slate is less expensive than competing devices from Google, Apple, and Samsung, yet it comes with an array of high-end features, including a quad-speaker system and a pixel-dense LCD display that refreshes at up to 144Hz. It also features a 7:5 aspect ratio that’s comfortable to use in both landscape and portrait orientation, along with 128GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, and a snappy MediaTek chip that can handle all of the typical tablet things (streaming, web browsing, etc.).

Being a OnePlus product, it’s not going to integrate with other device ecosystems particularly well or offer the same level of software features as options from Apple or Samsung, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a tablet with better specs for the price.

Now, let’s just hope you like the color green.

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OnePlus’ first tablet punches above its weight thanks to excellent performance, great build quality, and a terrific 11.6-inch LCD display that offers up to 144Hz refresh.

If you want a compact smart speaker for your desk or nightstand, there are only a few options really worth considering right now. Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s third-gen Echo Show 5 is our go-to recommendation for those locked into Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem — one you can currently pick up on sale at Amazon for $64.99 ($25 off) with a free Sengled smart bulb.

Like the last-gen Echo Show 5, the latest model provides everything expected of an Alexa-equipped speaker. You can use it to quickly check the weather and play music or use it as a security device or smart alarm clock that can be snoozed with just a tap. The third-gen model just introduces quicker performance, better mics, and a redesigned speaker system, the latter of which delivers slightly better clarity. I wouldn’t say the sound is leagues better than the second-gen model, but honestly, it’s still impressive for a single 1.75-inch driver.


The new Echo Show 5 is just as small as its predecessor but features updated mics and a speaker system that should deliver double the bass and clearer sound quality.

It’s ironic that Starfield, a game set in space, is taking up all the oxygen in the room this week. However, if you’re a Nintendo Switch gamer who couldn’t care less for Bethesda’s forthcoming RPG, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is still on sale at Amazon and Walmart for just $49.87 (about $20 off), nearly matching its all-time low.

For the uninitiated, Tears of the Kingdom is the wildly inventive follow-up to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game that defined the Switch upon its release in 2017. The open-world RPG isn’t quite as wondrous as its predecessor, yet, thanks to its sweeping landscapes and a clever building mechanic that lets you construct everything from gliders to fire-spouting robots, it remains a charming game that’s tough to put down, no matter how many Korok seeds you have in the bag.

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Screenshot from Tears of the Kingdom featuring Link, a blond-haired slight build man, falling through the sky as Hyrule unfolds below him.

Tears of the Kingdom is the latest installment in the Zelda franchise. The storyline and gameplay are similar to Breath of the Wild’s, but enough has changed to make Link’s return to Hyrule plenty special.

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A few more midweek deals and discounts

  • The Beats Flex are matching their all-time low at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target, where you can grab them for around $39.99 (about $31 off). The neckband-style earbuds are certainly showing their age at this point, but they offer simple controls and good sound for the price, making them a nice alternative if you’re someone who is constantly afraid of losing standalone earbuds. Read our review.
  • Apple’s latest HomePod is receiving a slight $15 discount at B&H Photo, dropping the price of the second-gen smart speaker to $284.99. It’s still pricier than comparable offerings from Sonos, Google, and Amazon, though none of them allow for hands-free Siri commands or the deep level of Apple integration afforded by the newly resurrected HomePod. Read our review.
  • Despite having been announced a mere two weeks ago, 8BitDo’s keychain-size Micro Bluetooth gaming controller in green for Android and the Nintendo Switch is already on sale at Amazon for $22.49 (10 percent off). The wireless controller isn’t a great Joy-Con replacement given its lack of analog sticks and other features, but 8BitDo has a solid track record for producing itty-bitty gamepads if you’re looking for something lightweight to toss in your bag.