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Detroit police falsely arrested an eight-month-pregnant Black woman based on a bad facial recognition match.

Porcha Woodruff is suing the city of Detroit and a Detroit detective after she was arrested for a carjacking while she was eight months pregnant. She’d been identified by facial recognition software matching her to a video of the crime. From the complaint:

On February 16, 2023, at 7:50 a.m., Ms. Woodruff was preparing her children for school when she was confronted by six Detroit police officers at her doorstep. They presented her with an arrest warrant for robbery and carjacking, leaving her baffled and assuming it was a joke, given her visibly pregnant state. However, the officers made it clear they were serious and proceeded to arrest her. 

Racial bias in facial recognition hasn’t been solved. Woodruff’s false arrest based on facial recognition isn’t a first for Detroit, which has done this twice before.