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macOS Sonoma comes out on September 26th

macOS Sonoma comes out on September 26th


The latest version of macOS is right around the corner.

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Three Mac computers arranged on a white background. Two MacBooks show a video conference and a lockscreen respectively. An iMac shows several windows open in macOS Sonoma.
No, that’s not an iPhone lockscreen. That is, in fact, a MacBook lockscreen.
Image: Apple

Apple has announced the release date of macOS 14, better known as macOS Sonoma. The operating system will be available to the public on September 26th.

Sonoma brings a number of features to macOS that make the operating system look and feel much more like iOS. Mac users will see desktop widgets, videoconferencing features, and a new Game Mode that’s said to raise frame rates and reduce latency during gameplay. New videoconferencing features are also on the way, including screen sharing tools and a Presenter Overlay that allows speakers to move around in front of a shared screen.

Safari is also receiving a number of new features, including browser profiles, which can retain different sets of bookmarks and different focuses. Search is said to have gotten more responsive.

In order to install macOS Sonoma, you must have, at the earliest: a 2018 MacBook or Mac Mini, a 2019 iMac, a 2017 iMac Pro, a 2019 Mac Pro, or a 2022 Mac Studio.