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Picross developer to port lost 3DS games to the Switch

Picross developer to port lost 3DS games to the Switch


Jupiter’s release of Picross S+ will resurrect the nine digital-only Picross games that became unavailable when the Nintendo 3DS e-shop shut down.

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Image from Picross S9 featuring a nonogram puzzle board tilted to the side next to the text Picross S9
Image: Jupiter / Nintendo

When the Wii U and 3DS stores were shut down earlier this year, they took a lot of digital-only games with them, including a treasure trove of Picross titles. But the nonogram gods smile on us today as Picross developer Jupiter has apparently announced it will soon port all nine of its digital-only Picross e games to the Switch, including a Japan-only exclusive.

First reported by Nintendo Life and seemingly confirmed via retweet from the official Jupiter X / Twitter account, Picross S+ will launch on the Switch sometime in 2024. Picross S+ will initially include the puzzles of Picross e and add the subsequent Picross e games as paid puzzle packages. Of note, Picross e9, a Japanese exclusive, will be included in the Picross S+ bundle, marking its first appearance in the West.

According to Nintendo Life, Picross S+ and each content pack will cost $4.99 a pop, meaning you’re looking at around $45 for all nine games. While that seems like a hefty price, as a Picross aficionado, I assure you the number of enjoyable brain-soothing, time-wasting puzzles you’re gonna get out of this will be more than worth it. (Although, no modern Picross game can match the tactile, brain-feel-good energy of chiseling blocks in Mario’s Super Picross, available if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.)

While we’ll have to wait until 2024 for the release of Picross S+, if you need your nonograms now, a wealth of Picross games is available on the Switch right now, including Picross S Genesis & Master System Edition, featuring pictograms of all your favorite Sega characters. I hope Picross S+ signals Jupiter’s willingness to release other Japan-only Picross games in the West. I would love, love to finally play Pictlogica Final Fantasy.