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Nintendo announces Direct showcase for this winter’s Switch games

Nintendo announces Direct showcase for this winter’s Switch games


The rumors were true, Nintendo is having another Direct event... tomorrow.

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Nintendo’s logo in a green circle with black and purple shapes around it
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Today, Nintendo announced a 40-minute fall Direct showcase focusing on games scheduled for release this winter, set to stream on September 14th at 7AM PT / 10AM ET.

Ever since Nintendo had its Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct earlier this month, rumors circulated saying that a bigger, more general Direct would follow. Those rumors strengthened when the Gotham Knights ESRB rating page added Nintendo Switch as one of the game’s platforms.

Additionally, news circulated that Nintendo had a patent for new Joy-Cons that would attempt to address the current controller’s problems with stick drift. But the biggest Nintendo rumor out now is the fact that several developers have claimed to see a Switch 2 out in the wild and that developer kits have already been distributed.

There is, then, a decent chance that Nintendo will finally put us out of our speculative misery and announce the Switch 2 tomorrow. Or not. You never know with them.

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