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Google’s Fitbit Charge 6 will finally bring the physical button back

Google’s Fitbit Charge 6 will finally bring the physical button back


9to5Google has multiple ‘sources familiar with the matter.’

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Person with colorful manicure using the Fitbit Charge 3 with a clear view of the inductive button.
This is not a physical button — and that was the problem.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

We wouldn’t have been totally surprised if Google axed Fitbit entirely after recent woes, but it sounds like the company might be listening instead! 9to5Google is reporting that a Fitbit Charge 6, coming this year, will bring back the physical button.

We panned the Fitbit Charge 5 because of its confusing touchscreen user interface, which was itself a replacement for the confusing capacitive button that haunted the Fitbit Charge 4 and 3. (Here’s an entire Button of the Month column about the lesson Fitbit might have learned from that capacitive key.)

9to5Google doesn’t have a lot of details about the new wearable, but “sources familiar with the matter” tell the publication that it “looks exactly like the Charge 5 except for the addition of a physical button on the left edge.”

And, they add, it will let you play YouTube Music or use Google Maps to navigate to a predefined address from your wrist. Fitbit recently announced a minimalist new app that it’ll likely pair with — sans challenges — and you may need a Google account to use it.

I guess we know what that FCC filing was all about!

Google is launching its Pixel 8 phones at an event on October 4th. While Fitbit wasn’t mentioned, I suspect we may see the new Fitbit Charge 6 at or around that event.